The Ugly Truth About Dental Insurance

Dental Insurnace

Many patients ask, “Why does my dental insurance not cover this? Or why does my dental insurance cover so little?” The truth about dental insurance is that it is geared towards maintaining a healthy mouth. If patients have any other dental issues (big or small,) they may have little to no coverage at all. On top of the patient’s insurance premium, there are exclusions, co-pays and maximum limits. Please know, regardless of your insurance plan, we will make every effort to maximize your insurance benefits.

We have recently introduced a new concept to our patients, our Concierge Dental Membership. Unlike dental insurance, our membership offers no waiting periods, no deductibles, no exclusions and no maximum limit. We are able to provide our patients who do not have insurance or who choose to drop their insurance, with all of these exclusive benefits and additional savings on all procedures. This membership allows our practice to continue offering the highest quality dental care without the restrictions of dental insurance agreements.

Call us today for more information on our Concierge Dental Membership and how it can benefit you and your oral health!

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