Smiles by Dr. Carolyn Kittell

Dr. Kittell has extensive knowledge and experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Her focus is on enhancing smiles while keeping treatments as conservative as possible. Dr. Kittell prides herself in her esthetic and artistic abilities and approaches every cosmetic case with a plan that is unique to the individual patient. While preparing a cosmetic dental treatment plan, Dr. Kittell focuses on esthetics, functionality and the health of the teeth and smile.

New Smile dental bonding Greenwood Village dentist

Featured Smile #1

Invisalign or braces aren’t always the best option for closing gaps between teeth. For an ideal cosmetic result, bonding is a better option for smaller or narrower teeth. In this case, we gave our patient squared edges and corners to provide a more masculine and mature look. Each patient’s facial features give Dr. Kittell a guide to how she will shape the teeth in order to compliment their overall look. Cosmetic Bonding is conservative, painless, and very natural looking. Now our patient can go back to college with a big smile!

Smile Makeover Greenwood Village Cosmetic Dentistry

Featured Smile #2

Our beautiful patient has something to smile about now! She has been a long time patient of our practice and expressed her dislike of her smile at her routine checkup. She had one front tooth that stood out to her in photos due to the unevenness of her teeth. We decided to  correct her smile by doing cosmetic bonding on all of her visible upper teeth.  This created an even smile that is bright and beautiful.

Smile dental cosmetic bonding Greenwood Village dentist

Featured Smile #3

This stunning patient is behind a camera often due to her successful marketing business and modeling career. She came to Dr. Kittell with a chipped and previously repaired front tooth from a childhood accident. In addition, she wanted us to close the gap between her two front teeth. After assessing her smile and facial features, we chose to give her rounded edges which compliments her feminine look. When fixing a smile, there are a lot of variables to consider cosmetically and restoratively. Dr. Kittell does a detailed cosmetic evaluation to determine what is best for each individual patient.

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