Smile Essentials is a comprehensive cosmetic dental practice that offers patients unsurpassed care through lifelong relationships, high-caliber dentistry and the very best experience.
At Smile Essentials, our mission is to provide the highest quality dental care in a state-of-the-art facility that offers a caring, comfortable and relaxing environment. We treat our patients as we would treat ourselves. Dr. Kittell and our team utilize proven advanced technologies, efficient systems and the best materials available to make dental visits a pleasant, positive experience. Our team at Smile Essentials is knowledgeable, competent, respectful and dedicated to understanding each patient’s needs. We strive to surpass all our patients’ expectations with the best dental care available.



The Smile Essentials team is known for our brilliance, passion and energy. Beyond our personable and approachable demeanors, our staff is unified, detail-oriented and dedicated to providing unsurpassed care in each dental treatment. That, along with our engaging and energizing personalities, is what builds lifelong relationships between our team and our patients. Patients appreciate how Dr. Kittell familiarizes herself with their specific needs before she even sees them, experiencing firsthand the passion she has for her patients. One patient stated, “While you think of her as a friend, unlike with most dentists and doctors, her knowledge of dentistry and her professional manner make it apparent that her relationships [with her patients] are on a higher level.” Dr. Kittell and our team always strive to emanate brilliance and positivity, building and maintaining lifelong relationships with our patients.


Dr. Kittell and our staff deliver a caliber of care that cannot be found elsewhere, in an environment that is friendly, jovial and easygoing. As one patient put it, our team is made up of “‘people’s people’ who make you feel valued.” We are thorough, receptive and always put the patient’s best interest first. We know how valuable our patients’ time is and we make it a priority day in and day out to minimize wait time, see patients on schedule and deliver treatment as efficiently and competently as possible.


At Smile Essentials, we offer top-notch dental care delivered by our highly qualified dental team. We are a comprehensive cosmetic practice made up of dental professionals who are dedicated, professional and capable. Patients rave that their perception of Dr. Kittell, our team and office as a whole gets better with time. It is easy to schedule, the practice always runs on time and the service is never less than excellent. Many of our patients tell us that we’re the best practice they have ever visited.